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ScrAppit Friendly Guide To Scrap And Deregister Your Car

So, you’ve received bad news that your car has failed its latest WOF due to rust hidden away underneath the bonnet. Oh no! You get a few quotes and realise the cost to fix your broken car is more than double what it is worth.

What can you do?

You really only have three options:

  1. Spend the money to repair the faults
  2. Try your luck selling your car on TradeMe, or
  3. Sell it to local car wrecker

If you decide the easiest, most cost-effective and least time-consuming way is to sell to a car wrecker then you will want the best price possible, right?

Years ago, this process was very frustrating. It would involve calling around different yards for quotes, explaining the vehicle details over and over, then have several wreckers come to view it, only to have them negotiate on their original quote.

Luckily for you, times have changed. Now, there is ScrAppit.

ScrAppit is the free online marketplace for scrap cars. With a few simple steps, you can list your car on our site, then carry on with your day while you receive quotes from wrecked directly to your mobile.


How Does The Process Work?

Listing with ScrAppit is really easy. In just three simple steps, you could have money for your scrap car.

Here’s how it works…

1-    Simply enter your vehicle registration number along with a brief description and photos.

2-    ScrAppit will automatically send the information out to their nationwide database, who will then send you quotes directly to compare.

3-   If you see a quote you are happy with, simply click to accept and book a collection. It is as easy as that! And you can do it all from the same site.


The Next Step – Deregister Your Car

Ok, now you have accepted a quote and booked collection, now it is time to deregister your car. This effectively means that you are alerting NZTA and the other authorities that your car will no longer be on the road. Now you don’t have any registration costs to pay.

Here’s what to do…

1-     Remove the number plates from the vehicle

2-      Remove the registration license tag from the windscreen

3-      Take the number plates and license tag to any AA, VTNZ, VINZ. (NZ Post does no longer provide this service)

4-   Complete a MR15 form

5-    Hand this in along with the number plates and license card. There will be a $9.10 processing fee. Any outstanding registration fees or road user charges will need to be settled at the same time.

6-    If you are lucky enough to have remaining registration or Road User Charges, New Zealand Transport Agency will reimburse you via cheque. This will be sent in the mail to the registered owner’s address. Alternatively, you can contact NZTA Motor Registrations on 0800 108 809 and request this be deposited into your Bank account.


Scrap And Deregister As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

It can be hard to know what to do with a broken car, but luckily we have the answers for you.

Not only do ScrAppit save you the time and hassle of calling for quote’s, but you are also able to compare offers and wreckers reviews, along with booking the collection.

After you sell and deregister your car, you can be satisfied knowing that you got the best deal possible.