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What Happens To Your Vehicle In A Car Scrap Yard?

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your car if it stopped working?

It doesn’t simply head off to a magical car scrap yard to disappear. The truth is a lot more labour intensive.

ScrAppit is part of a large industry that handles thousands of end of life scrap cars each year. Unfortunately, it is a dirty industry that is set for growth. That is thanks to the aging stock of vehicles on and off the New Zealand Roads.

Roughly 30% of New Zealand’s vehicles are 20 years or older. This is the aftermath of a used car bubble in the mid to late 90’s. From March 2017 to March 2018 alone, 158,000 cars literally reached the end of the road nationwide. These numbers are set to rise in coming years.


What Happens To Cars That No Longer Go?

Vehicles that have been written off by insurance companies go through auction houses such as Manheim Auctions and Turners Auctions, both have facilities throughout New Zealand.

But if your car has not been written off by an insurance company, you need to find another solution. That is where ScrAppit acts as your online car scrap yard.

ScrAppit scrap car marketplace helps the public to obtain the best quote from various car wreckers nationwide. By simply submitting your unwanted car details, you will receive multiple quotes from our large network of reputable car wreckers right to your phone. Simply compare the quotes and if you are happy with one of them, you can confirm and book collection for a time that suits you.


What Happens To Your Scrap Car?

Car dismantlers take the majority of end of life vehicles. They strip them for all usable and recyclable parts then send the remaining car body to the metal smelters. A large amount of reclaimed metal is exported to manufacturing countries like China and Indonesia.

New Zealand is home to hundreds of Car Dismantlers who can process thousands of broken cars a year. Everything from doors to engine mounts can be kept and sold on for further use. Some wreckers export auto parts to countries as far as Dubai, Malaysia, and Japan. The bulk of auto parts, however, are sold to local customers, including Mechanics, Panel beaters and DIYers.


How Does The Process Work?

A Broken Car/ Scrap Car existence ends in a loud, messy and violent process. But the great news is that new life can be breathed into the parts removed from an unworking car. Some car wreckers will keep the vehicles in their yard for a few weeks, others are processed within days.

Before the car is dismantled their fuel tanks are drained along with other fluids and coolants. Vehicles are then sent to have their valuable parts removed. This process is very economical – everything gets re-used, sometimes more than once.

Rubber is recycled, Glass can end up in concrete, Seat foam can become carpet underlay, and copper wire is melted down and reused. The reclaimed materials can turn up again in many forms, from toasters to power extension leads.


What Is Coming To A Car Scrap Yard Soon?

Some of the 150,000 plus cars coming off New Zealand’s roads are dormant. This means the owner has not re-licensed the vehicle for over 12 months and they have been automatically deregistered by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Some are left to rust away on farms and rural blocks while others are dumped in backyards. Fortunately, these abandoned cars are a minority. In fact, the car scrap yard industry effectively deals with one of New Zealand’s least-talked-about waste disposal processes. And they do it in a sustainable way.

ScrAppit’s mission is to help everyday people dispose of their unwanted scrap car in a safe and environmentally friendly way, while getting the best price possible. or follow us on Facebook @ScrAppitNZ